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wv furmeet
Morgantown Events
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08-26-2016 11:05
Tsubasacon 2016
Huntington Events
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08-25-2016 17:49
Clarksburg Furmeet
Other Events
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06-08-2016 20:45
Hello from Huntington
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04-03-2016 21:24
Discord server (text and vo...
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03-21-2016 10:44
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03-05-2016 15:15
Zootopia Meet
Huntington Events
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03-04-2016 20:40
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02-22-2016 00:26
March Meet.
Northern WV Events
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01-22-2016 17:17
Fairmont Furry
Northern WV Events
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12-08-2015 08:53
Halloween Party
Northern WV Events
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11-01-2015 08:03
One A Month Meet In Pburg?
Parkersburg Events
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10-18-2015 12:25
Hey to anyone out there
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10-14-2015 18:19
Other Cons
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10-08-2015 09:04
Movie Night August 29th
Northern WV Events
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08-12-2015 20:38
I'm in town
Email System Changes

Hi Guys!

Just letting you know that we've made some changes to the way the site sends emails. You should be getting emails from us if you weren't. Let us know if there are any lingering issues.

Full details after the break.

Profile Updates!
We've added FurAffinity, SoFurry, Twitter and Anthrochat IRC spots to user profiles. Feel free to add them by clicking 'Edit Profile' to the right. Click 'Read More' for more info
We're up and running!
We're going to go ahead and get things started. Feel free to let your friends in the fandom in the area know. We're going to try to make this site a central hub for the furry community in the West Virginia and surrounding areas.

Right now the staff consists of myself (GothPanda) and TobyFox. The Forums and Chat are up and running, and we've got photo albums you can submit photos too for events and the like. There's a contact form you can use to report any issues you may run into, or any ideas. But, above else, have fun!

Hope to see you guys around!

- Lopin (Trevor)