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wv furmeet
Will be gone by then, I will see you all at Tsubasacon.
July's furmeet will the 16th at hovatters zoo in kingwood WV admission is $12 and remember to bring extra money for food and the raffle

Merged on August 26 2016 11:05:
Sorry everyone I thought this posted I apologize. This month's furmeet is at popcon in Morgantown august 27-28 it is $10/day reg. Fee and our hotel will be $15-20/per person. Con opens at 10am daily and check in for our hotel is 11am and again my apologies I didn't see where the info did not post. Thank you

Merged on September 04 2016 16:38:
The monthly furmeet will be on September 17th we will be meeting at the four horseman at the Morgantown mall at 2pm
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