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Hello from Tyler County
Hey all... just located and joined the site today. I'm sure you all share in the frustration of trying to find furry groups in West Virginia and ending up with results instead for "Western Virginia".

Anyway, I found my way here. I'm currently 27 (will be 28 in July). I've been a furry for almost 18 years now (before I even knew the fandom was a thing). My fursona is a golden fox, as in sandy brown/yellow color (again, has been since before I knew the fandom was a thing... so please don't take the approach "oh great, another fox" or whatever).

I'm from the Tyler County area between Parkersburgh,WV and Wheeling, WV right along the Ohio River... Was born in Glen Dale, WV and have lived in this area pretty much all my life... I did, however live in Cleveland, OH for about 7 months and in Rockford, IL for about 6 months.

I'm currently engaged to an amazing woman that I've known since Highschool... we're getting married in September at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.

I look forward to talkin to you all and becoming great acquaintances and hopefully making a few good friends along the way. If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask. I also play video games on PS4 and XBox 360 (haven't gotten a One yet) and I have Skype. Ask me for my adds.

Other than that I'm pretty much an open book... I try to be friendly but I do have a bit of a temper... so just don't cross me and we'll b sure to get along fine and become good friends!
Otaku Kitsune
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