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Zootopia Meet
For those of you who have not yet watched the movie, I am trying to host a Zootopia Meet in Downtown Huntington. I was thinking that we can all meet at Pullman Square before the movie starts and maybe before or after the movie, we all can get something to eat at either Rooster's, Max & Erma's or any other restaurant in town. I am very excited to see the movie and meet some of you furs out there. Smile

Where: Marquee Cinemas, Huntington, WV.

When: Friday, March 11, 6:10PM (311 Day)

Update: Today is the last call. If you are going to the 6:10 showing tonight let me know. my skype is ewill301 and my email is
Edited by EliHusky on 03-11-2016 16:56
I'd like to, but not sure if I'd be able to make it from work and other unknown parts of schedule. If I do get schedule stuff together and find I'm able to be there I'll message back a few days before to let you know.

Merged on March 03 2016 01:20:
Got pulled into helping my brother with a hotdog sale on Sat, so won't be able to make it. Sorry.
Edited by Arcus_Acer on 03-03-2016 01:20
we had to reschedule the gathering. but I added you onto the skype group
Edited by EliHusky on 03-04-2016 20:40
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